"bombogenesis" -- I think the weather forecasters have jumped the shark

From one report on the storm in the NE USA…

"For a storm system to become a bomb cyclone, it has to to undergo “bombogenesis” - a term describing what happens when a surface low rapidly strengthens and drops in millibars in 24 hours.’

Bombogenesis ?
Sheesh - bring out the bad cable tv movies…

It’s a sharknado!:shark:

“Bombogenesis” is extreme or explosive cyclogenesis and is a term (mostly for amusement) I first heard in school. Of course, once the media gets hold of these terms they love to hype it up in large, bold font and even come up with spin-offs like “bomb cyclone” to sensationalize the weather. Don’t even get me started on the polar vortex…


Even has its own Wiki entry

Yeah, back near Philly we just used to say ‘yup another snowstorm on the way’


When I was growing up in the snowbelts south of Buffalo, my mother used to yell at us to “hurry up or we’d miss the school bus” with forecasts much worse. These days, the government declares a state of emergency, schools are closed for 2-3 days, and Jim Cantore adds to his frequent flyer miles (flying first class to keep you ahead of the storm).


I swear that bread and milk companies pay the forecasters to create panic buying these days…


Don’t get me started on Jim Cantore and TWC in general.

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I remember when Jim and his remote crew showed up in our town many years ago as a winter storm approached. Knowing the local topology better than TWC’s forecasters, I laughed at his reports knowing that his 2+ feet of snow was going to be all rain where he was set up. Sure enough, they high-tailed it about 20 miles further north to get into the snow…

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I still think one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen was when one of the TWC reporters was covering a hurricane in an area where the impacts were minimal. Despite the light winds, the reporter was feigning battling the ‘powerful’ winds as she walked. The giveaway was the camera accidentally catching a couple of people strolling, without a hint of wind, about 100’ from the reporter. That actually made some of the news reports. Not a good moment for TWC.