[IF] Add Distance configuration for Lightning Detection trigger

Related to the IFTTT integration… I bought Tempest mainly for the Lightning detection. I have a few robot mowers that I want to park and power down when there is lightning in the immediate vicinity. When I configure the IFTTT trigger for Lightning detection, there is a configuration parameter for Units (Miles or Kilometers) but nothing about distance. RIght now, I’m getting triggers for lightning detected 25 miles away, but for my purposes that would be too far away to want to react to. I’d like to trigger an action only when lightning is within 10 miles. Can the IFTTT integration be enhanced to allow configuration of the distance?

Can we PLEASE get this? It would make the lightning trigger MUCH more effective and useful

Any feedback about whether this will be considered?

As we’re getting into the rainy season in Florida, it seems like my phone/watch are constantly alerting me to lightning happening 20-30 miles from my location. Often times when I look on radar, I’m not seeing anything even remotely close. Is there a setting that I’m not aware of that can allow you to dial that in a bit more to maybe see alerts for say, less than 10 miles from my location?

I would like this feature too, it’s great to log lightning 25 miles away but the ability to set thresholds for alerts would be really nice.

During the summer here in Florida my phone blows up constantly with lightning alerts, for storms that are far away and not headed in my direction. Eventually I just stop looking at them.

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