Integrate ISS Sighting Opportunities

Since WeatherFlow knows my physical location, a nice extension of service would be for WeatherFlow to check the ISS (International Space Station) tracking forecast and display, say, the next three sighting opportunities on a tile.

This “SPACE Tile” could even show Moon phase information, meteoroid forecasts and the like. Truly a fun additional service for not a lot of work 'cause all those forecasts already exist. All WF would need to do is write the code to harvest the data based on already known Lat/Long location for each hub.

Hi andyrayaux,

You can sign up for ISS fly-over alerts at

Rick Comito
Station 4756


As has been mentioned in the past, WF leaves adding features like this up to the vibrant community of third-party applications. The WF app is targeted towards the general consumer, not us weather geeks…


No one ever called me “vibrant”