iOS app crashing with high network latency

I’m traveling in Vietnam for 2 weeks. Internet service here is, well, not great. The WF app constantly crashes here. It seems to be related to poor network conditions back to the WF servers. A “poor network conditions” error message would be a much better way to handle this than an app crash.

I’m guessing you’re not in one of the major cities. Lucky you only going for two weeks. My wife makes me go for three months, in August. LOL.

But seriously, which VPN do you use?

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I’ve been in and out of Hanoi, Ninh Binh, and Sapa so far. Cellular and WiFi seems hit and miss in all of the above. Hanoi has actually been the worst! The cellular signal coverage has been fantastic, but getting data to work is so-so.

I’ve been using a VPN to my house sometimes, a VPN to our work datacenter other times, and no VPN too. Generally only use VPN if I’m on open WiFi or if there’s a reachability problem to some service. Other cloud services (Nest, SmartThings, Sense, etc.) are working a bit slowly but fine.

I figured you were north. I run into the same issues when I get north of Da Nang. On the other hand you can’t beat the cost cell service. It’s great when it works.