Looking for advice on wifi/switch

I know there are a few network experts here. I use an old linksys E3000 device, since long hacked with a tomato os on it. Running pretty ok except … wifi range is a bit short (the hubs are limit since the walls here are 50 cm wide, good old house). I know there are extenders etc but I rather not have several wifi points in the house. We already have way to much radio signals around our head.

I read ubiquiti has nice material but I haven’t the slightest experience with their material and when I look at the website, I see more high end pro material then personal stuff.

Someone could point my nose knowing I need dual wifi (2.4 and 5) and at least 4 giga lan ports, 1wan port to connect to the isp box. range trough brick walls etc : 15 meters

Actual Linksys is used to manage my fixed ip’s (some dhcp) and also to manage mac adresses of all wifi devices (allow or not onto the wifi via mac address, yeah I know poor security … )

Lan is giga and there is quite some traffic internally so the switch/wifi must be able to push hard … and not drop easily

thanks for your advice, insight

I recommend a Mikrotik RB3011UIAS-RM router and Ruckus Zoneflex R510 Access Point.

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Hello @eric!
For now, I’m using an ASUS RT-AC68U (with a merlin firmware) and from what you describe, it perfectly meets your requirements. But, if you do not have financial constraints, I propose you to watch again Ubiquiti who is far ahead of everyone regarding the quality (hardware and software) and stability+robustness (signal).

My 2 cents :wink:

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The Ubiquiti AC Lite has been ‘great’ for me in 18 months of use. That thing can radiate to Mars it seems. Fabulous coverage. I bought the Ubiquiti USG as a gateway/firewall box as well. Work great. I ‘did’ need to toss in a 8-port gigbit switch to get enough ethernet ports for the hard-wired gear, but any brand works great if you don’t need a managed switch (I have a 8-port TP-Link for that).