Putting a second Air to use for the home

Thought i cobble this up this morning whilst awaiting hiatus and put to use a spare Air for measuring indoor temp/humidity , i have an additional indoor PM 2.5 air quality piece of hardware.i started recording data late last night…

So I decided to use either the Weatherflow Rest APi or a meteobridge tplink hub to record the data and pump that data into a single file dashboard design .

looking way far ahead its an ideal solution for the Breathe product and offers a simple display for anyone to read , you don’t need to be an enthusiast to use it.

I use an old iPad Mini generation 2 ive struggled to find some use for it as I have alternative later models .So I mounted it on the wall using some wall sticky 3M adhesive tape that doesn’t peel the paintwork of when removed .

The ipad is connected to localhost so it can be hidden from viewing on the WWW…

so here it is just a few hours to compile .
my mockup to get idea off the ground

and the finished idea mounted


i love it!!! ( i needed the extra exclamation marks to hit the 20 char min comment length limit :wink: )

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glad you like it , it is a very simple idea to achieve if you have a decent tablet with a reasonable resolution.its literally a single file updates itself at 5 minute interval you can reduce it to seconds but pretty pointless as the indoor fluctuations are not so apparent .

so i did a rework of it this morning just minor things add additional clock increased air flow icons which also change color according to cooling or warming etc…so hopefully inspire others to use there imagination .I must have done something right my wife asked me to reposition it so we can see it ,thats a real first when it comes to weather hardware…

again mockup first then adjust

working version


amazing what comes to mind during hiatus :slight_smile:
so first day needed to put AC on this year so it dawned on me from last years observations the AC basically cools down the salon aprox 1.2c every 15 minutes till it reaches the cut off setting which in our case is 24c . so simple what if else came to mind so if month = may || june || july || august and temperature difference between now and 15 minutes ago is <=-1(that maybe specific to our system)

so I got a AC Cooling indicator :slight_smile: perhaps more of a relative indicator that our AC works without having to lookup at the small lcd screen on the AC just look across at the iPad mini …anyway just ideas :-)…


Is this a special apps or you program this yourself. This is exactly the perfect view I would love to have


good morning its just something i put together for use on my ipad mini,the design is basically based on the original weather34 template …perhaps it will inspire others to create uncomplicated layouts .if and when in the far future that Breathe product becomes reality perhaps ill release it in a version using the REST API…until then its just for my personal use. however if you own a meteobridge product you can use
something similar which is already built into the template to use the in built pop up modules.
that is fully compatible with weatherflow hardware but you would a second air sensor to create the indoor enviroment and a purple air air quality module or an air quality piece of hardware that can distribute data.


Yes I have a second Air for inside.

You should try to put on paper « How to do this » I did look at Weather 34 site but it is not easy to find « what and how » to do this with an IPad mini.

Where to download the apps or how Go step by step.

I would even pay for those


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as above perhaps it will inspire others to create uncomplicated layouts .if and when in the far future that Breathe product becomes reality perhaps ill release it in a version using the REST API**…until then its just for my personal use.**

would love to help but i dont have the time and i would never think yo offer it at a price . perhaps do some reading on the weatherflow rest api or alternatively try other solutions found on this forum in the third party software section and probably get all the info and support you would need to get off the ground and up an running…

this version is primed for weatherflow hardware via meteobridge https://github.com/weather34/Weather34-Weatherflow

i use it locally but as the weatherflow officiall app as progressed dont really see the need for it anymore .brian

That’s a very good looking display! I’ve often thought about putting up an old iPad to just always have the original Weatherflow displays available all the time. Is there any possibility that you would be willing to share your code? Obviously, it have to be shared with no guarantee of its usability, nor support.