Retry connection NOW . .

Retry Web grid connection NOW button

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When the Web grid shows connection lost, would there be any easy way to add a Retry NOW button instead of having to wait for the entire retry interval?


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how about F5 on a pc and cmd R on the Mac, and the adequate icons on Android or iPhone ?


I believe this is also similar to this sort of thing I see on Chrome when I leave one of the Micro computers idle for the night. Upon my return the a pop up box will appear indicating this message. No amount of refreshing will restore the page you actually need to close the tab and launch the link. :pensive::persevere:


@dan.gealt A Retry button or link that checks for connectivity is possible and I will work that one into a future web app release.

@Phoenix I think the issue you are seeing is a bit different. I haven’t encountered that one, but I will run some tests and see if I can reproduce that issue.

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Hi Corrineb,

Its not too pressing of a matter its just odd this is the only web page that does this. I have a test lab at home which I test some websites and internal web pages for similar behavior.

I initially thought it was because the power management on this Windows 7 Ultimate was not set correctly. But all suspend, sleep, hibernate, SSD, timers have all been turned off. I have (approx) 5 ~ 9 applications running at any given time to also test how they perform over long duration’s of being left open and when at idle.

Thank You! :+1:

Thanks @Phoenix. I’m going to keep this one on the backburner and see what I can find out.

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