Setting a default Rain graph

I’d like to be able to set the default Rain graph that displays when tapping the Rain card. Right now to get to the Rain Rate graph I have to go to the Rain (Intensity) graph and then select the Rain Rate from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, have the app remember which graph was the last one selected and use that one. This might save some interface coding.


Or depending on the position one taps on the rain bar… context depending

unless there is something to click on, that would be bad gui design. Remembering the last used one, as Gizmoev suggested, would be better.

Why ?

I can click on the summery value area to get to the accumulation graph and on the intensity indicator to get to th rate graph. That would be clear to everybody, or not ?

that would be fine, then you DO have something to click on. At first it sounded like you just wanted it to depend on the position (I assumed like left half or right half or similar)

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