Wind speed reporting issue

Last night we had a storm come through, this morning (6/18/2021) when I woke up and looked at the mobile app at my station (18602) the wind speeds (peak, avg, lull) were all being reported over 20MPH (not stuck, varying around). Looking outside, the wind was actually quite calm. Looks like (if I had to guess) around 3am-4am it decided to over-report the speed. The UDP broadcasts also showed higher speeds.

Restarted the HUB, and after it restarted, the reported speed was more accurate (around 5 MPH). Haven’t seen this behavior before.

might have been a droplet still hanging inside the detection gap which happened to resolve at the time you rebooted the hub. who knows, could be a bug (a live one, or a software one)

Same here in upstate, NY. Calm to under 5 mph breeze. Tempest reporting variable wind in the 20+ mph range. Reset hub, no change. Submitted a support ticket.

Here is my station (Tempest Station Map), first two, and a nearby station reporting properly:

water droplets hanging “in” the gap. Known issue when device is wet.