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I have been using the Tempest complication on my Apple Watch for some time without issue. I recently upgraded to the Apple Watch ultra version and do not see the tempest app in the list of apps to add a complication to the watch face. I’m just wondering if anyone else has an ultra version watch and if they are able to get the tempest complication to work? The tempest app works on the watch just fine. It just doesn’t appear in the list to add a complication yet other weather apps though not all do show in the available complications. Any help or ideas would be appreciated as it’s a real pain to drill down through the apps to pull up the temp plus I liked having my tempest temp on the watch face. Thanks in advance for your time.

Which watch face are you using?

There are different size complications and it’s possible the watch face in combo with the Ultra watch size is something I haven’t added support for.

Unfortunately Apple made it so you explicitly have to support each complication size/type and there are a bunch of different ones depending on the watch face.

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Interesting you should say that as I found a face that seems to be happy with the Tempest complication just this morning. I started thinking kind of along those lines as you stated. So I changed faces a few times and got it working on one. So anyway I appreciate the prompt reply. Good luck in Apples sandbox!

Just out of curiosity which face didn’t have complications available?

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Well I’m wondering if I had just spoke too soon and if I did I apologize. It seems the complications now work in all the faces I’ve tried, granted not a lot of faces but several. I don’t know if it takes time for them to populate the lists with individual app complications or what but where it wasn’t and the list of complications were much smaller they are now much larger and every where I need Tempest it’s there. It was originally the way finder one didn’t have it but some of the older faces had the tempest complication the first time I looked.

All is well here. Keep up the good work!

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