Auto-connect, reconnect when WiFi / internet resumes

My Tempest did not reconnect after an interruption in WiFi. I needed to unplug the tempest station to get it to restore the connection. (This happened recently with firmware 174). I see that others have reported this on the Tempest Owners Forum. Phones, printer, computers, Amazon Alexa devices, etc, all seem to find their way back after internet service interruption without me manually forcing reboots. What if the firmware reboots itself after five minutes without any connection? (Yeah, it should not reboot while the bluetooth phone app connected and trying to configure the WiFi,) Is it practical to include this feature in Tempest firmware?

Hi @yakzalot-1,

Welcome to our forum. I suggest contacting support by opening a ticket under the support menu. My hubs always reconnect ok.
Also did you know that you have 5 votes to use on feature requests and voting for your feature request will improve its priority.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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My Tempest reconnects, but NOT always. This is really more ‘bug report’ than ‘feature request’. Just saying it does fail to reconnect. Lots of ways for internet connection to fail. I can’t test all scenarios. The firmware developers probably can’t test all scenarios.

All I did to fix it was unplug the hub power. I might not be nearby when I get a connection-fail notification, leaving a long gap in the data. Missing data makes Tempest appear unreliable. My station is shared. Others are watching. The firmware could have detected lost connection and rebooted itself. This fix would save me a minor hassle, and save Tempest a minor embarrassment.

As suggested above, open a ticket with support. This use to be an issue, but it has been fixed for many years. My Tempest always reconnects now, no matter what caused the WiFi to go down in the first place. It’s possible you have a faulty hub

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