Best sprinkler controller for integrating with Tempest?

Hello, happy Tempest owner here. Have had the system since Christmas, and it’s doing a great job of forecasting, measuring rainfall, etc.

My old Hunter Pro-C sprinkler controller seems to be biting the dust. I use 9 of the 12 station connections for my yard. Time for me to buy a replacement.

Looking for recommendations on the best residential sprinkler controller that will integrate with my Tempest system. Any recommendations?


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I just ordered one, fingers crossed!

There’s a bit of a learning curve to the Rachio but you’ll enjoy it. I’ve had mine for 2+ years and still enjoy it.

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Yes, the Rachio controller is fantastic. This is my 2nd season with it and have had no issues. Just got my Tempest yesterday and was able to easily integrate the Tempest as the weather source for the Rachio app. It’s supposed to rain today, so if it does then the Rachio should cancel the watering scheduled for this evening.

Rachio for sure. Best and easiest system to use. Great customer service.