Breathe and other products

Could not find any topic in this. What are WeatherFlows plans for breathe indoor sensor and any information on other future products?

If nothing else I Guess we own the Sky and Air, can discuss what products we would like to see down the line.

For me personally it would be awesome If breathe meassured carbonmonoxide levels too.


Hi @fredrik_fors Our first priority is to complete fulfillment of the Smart Weather Stations to all those who pre-ordered on Indiegogo. Then our priority will be to ensure quality of experience for all stations owners. Our goal is to get to a point where customer willingly give us 4+ stars out of 5 when reviewed. We have a slew of enhancements: notably a continuous learning / AI system that evaluates all sensors once deployed and provides auto-calibration and quality control.

Next we will publish an official map of public stations for those who wish to share observations with the community.

Following customer feedback and demand, next up on the hardware front will be a solar module for SKY (solar panel + recharge battery + power controls) and a simple solar radiation shield for AIR.

An indoor air quality device (aka BREATHE) is in development, but it will take more time to get it right. We are also spec’ing a COMMERCIAL grade smart weather station for industrial use in remote locations like agriculture.

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Would be nice if it could include a CO2 detector built in. There are many already on market but most I have seen gives a lot of false detection’s. The Breathe may be to far ahead in development though. Just a thought!


Hi @bestboy56 Curious to know your thoughts on the various consumer indoor AQ monitors on the market. Got a favorite? What do you think of Awair?

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And detection for radon gas would be great.


I have worked in the natural gas industry for 44 years as a Sr. Svc Tech. I have been called out hundreds of times about a CO detector going off, most of the time it is either a bad sensor or batteries. I have found out the 110 volts sensors are less likely to give false detections. Most customer have purchased them at Wal Mart or Lowe’s. First Alert seems to be a good detector. I have never had any dealings with Awair. We use a Sensit detector which is an excellent piece of equipment. I think if you could incorporate a carbon monoxide detector with the Breathe would be something that would help sales! Looking forward to receive my Air+Sky+Hub! I will definitely be interested in purchasing a Breathe when they come available!!

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Read where radon gas is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer so that would be good to have that detection.


Both Radon and CO have been asked before to be incorporated into the Breathe. Whether the team can do so and meet specific price points is dependent upon how they wish to release the product(s). In a related thread my suggestion was to offer a base model and advanced model later on.

The reason for doing this was to first test the water and see how sales went. If sales continued to rise and demand increased the direct sales of that product would help fund the next generation of advanced sensor.

This would offer both Radon and CO using the highest quality sensor arrays. There are simply too many junk products on the market along with over priced junk that pretend to be high quality.


I see WeatherFlow offering two devices. The standard Breathe and an enhanced unit with Radon detection. This will keep the coat of the Breathe at a much lower level and put the additional cost in the enhanced unit.

A consumer may want several standard Breathe units but will only need one enhanced unit.


Are there any ball park figures for the price point of the Breathe? If I’m just interested in indoor temperature and humidity, is Breathe likely to be cheaper than a second Air?

So true. I think I would like the advanced version!

Yes, the Breathe will be cheaper in the basic version I would expect.

WeatherFlow states:

What will the devices cost at retail?
The expected retail price of AIR is US$129 plus tax. The expected retail price of SKY is US$149 plus tax. The expected retail price of BREATHE is US$149 plus tax. We plan to offer some product “bundles” which will retail for slightly less.

Quote of the day!

Wrong post i replayed too.

149$ seems like quite an hefty Price for the breathe.

Especially one that will more than likely need “calibration”. I would hope they get the sky working right before moving on to something else.

Maybe a modular setup for breath would be an idea.
So it would be possible to have a base component which can be individually equipped with 1-3 sensing modules as they are available and / or in interest of each user. So the basic functions can be extended.
Sensor trays could be sold separately.

The Breathe has more sensors than the Air.

Without knowing What sensors Breathe has it seems expensive…

Edit: looking at the Indiegogo campaign they mention CO2 and VOC in addition to the sensors AIR has.
What is VOC?

VOC **
CO2 **
Dust **

So, three additional sensors less the lightning. And there is a possibility it may contain one additional sensor.