Buffered data uploading after Internet outage

There was an extended Internet outage where one of my stations is located. When I received the alert from the Tempest app reporting that the station was back online late this morning, I watched on the web site card view for my station as it ingested the buffered data from oldest to newest. It took about three minutes to finish, and was interesting to watch the time warp as the readings quickly updated and the “hours ago” decreased. Wish that I had shot a video of it…


Every time I have watched that, I’ve wished I had a video of it, too.

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Where is the caching happening? Is it just on the hub, or on both hub and station?

Yes. :wink: (There’s caching at both connections.)

In this particular case, the cache was at the Hub because the Internet connection to the cloud was unavailable…

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The hub ‘is’ the station. The tempest unit is the ‘sensor’ associated with a station (hub).