Can anyone explain this 200mph+ wind reading?

My home is north of Jacksonville, NC and surrounded by fields on 3 sides so the house sees lots of wind. The tempest is mounted on a pole that sits 6.5 feet above the roof. Apparently last night, while Idalia was rolling through, I managed to sleep through a 200mph+ wind gust. Now typically the wind speeds seem to be spot on, so any ideas on how a number like that is possible?


Water collecting in the wind gap is a known cause of false wind readings…


I also had a spooky wind reading and upon checking the station, I found water accumulation on the super hydrophobic coating. This water accumulation also affects the wind direction measurement, removal of this water brought things back to normal.

Ok, then that makes sense. That information also corresponds to an extreme rainfall reading at almost 6" per hour.

It is actually still raining, so when it dries out a little, I will head to the roof and take a look. I really appreciate the help!

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In those instances, a quick puff of air will clear out the water. Do not rub it out with anything. The superhydrophobic coating is delicate.

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Agreed, the sensors are usually very good but we have had almost horizontal rain and this will do it

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