Climacell : Who knows this provider?

They are pretty … how would you say … sure about their product

this is their website

Someone knows more about these fellows and their api pricing ?? ???

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WeatherFlow absolutely agrees that there is not enough quality meteorological data to provide accurate ground truth observations required for adequate warning systems and to validate/improve weather model predictions for specific locations. Climacell raised a boatload of investment $$ on the premise that they can evaluate attenuation in cellular signals during weather events and leverage as “weather data”. This technology has yet to be proven, but in theory would allow some level of “weather data” where no actual weather stations exist, only cellular coverage. While we applaud the inventive approach to more weather data especially in under-served regions, our engineering and numerical weather prediction teams are somewhat skeptical the cell-tower based approach will yield actionable data. Time will tell.


I never heard of that approach. As Spock would say, ‘fascinating’.

I refuse to deal with anyone that is ashamed to list their prices right up front. Only thieves want to keep the price of their “product” a secret.

What they do is try to research you based upon your email, and THEN decide what their “price” is going to be for you.

Their “pricing” page leads, not surprisingly, to a 404 page -

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Are you sure you want to make that statement?

All major service companies have that type of pricing; including WeatherFlow. There is no “one price fits all.” It’s all based on needs and quanity.

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!”

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WeatherFlow did not create and distribute a FAKE PRICING PAGE like Climacell has done.

“It’s all based on needs and quantity” - you are a con man’s dream come true. Pricing based upon usage is simply stated as follows for an HONEST company - “1000 basic API hits/day = $xxx, 10,000 basic API hits/day = $xxxx,” but with Climacell their take on “honesty” is to knowingly distribute a FAKE PRICING URL - they have known that that link goes to a 404 page for many MONTHS that I am personally aware of.

Further, Climacell is claiming as “proven science” that which the rest of the scientific community has TRUTHFULLY stated is pure conjecture AT BEST.

Climacell is selling junk science at secret prices to the gullible.

Feel free to support/give your money to con artists, I moved beyond the stage of throwing my money away at about the age of… Well, I NEVER gave my money to a con artist.

Everyone cool down :snowflake:

I asked just if someone knew their thing and if someone knew what they ask for the usage of data. I was just curious. Since more and more services become payware and the free ones become rare.
I won’t say their science is whatever, I have no clue as I’m not a tech man but I won’t neither say it is junk. I just don’t know. What I know is that I crossed enough ‘weird’ things in life that I don’t say no from square one. Sometimes non possible things are possible after all (and I work in aeronautics … believe me we ain’t seen much yet of the future mobility)

If no one know, no problem, life goes on :beers:


it would probably be more effective if they put a small weather station on every cell tower that isn’t near another weather station.
but i do like the idea.