Compass settings

Are there any plans to install compass settings to simplify the setting of true north?

Do you mean this?

To get to it in the app, go to Settings, Stations, station name, Manage Devices, select device, Advanced.

Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the offset, but I thought it would be helpful if the unit actually provided the installer a compass direction in order to set it at true north.
Regards, Joe P.

The hardware does not include a compass or GPS…

Yes I understand that. I thought that would be a nice feature improvement.
Regards, Joe P.

just use a compass app on your phone.

While it would be a nice option, how many would really want to pay that much for an essentially one-time use feature? I just use my phone and a satellite view of my area to determine a landmark tin use for aiming. Works very well. I use it every time I take my mobile unit camping.


I was on an electronics component distributor’s web site last week looking for something else, and noticed that there was an i2c compass chip listed there for over $12 IIRC in the quantities that WF-T would need for a production run. I didn’t look at i2c GPS chips while I was on that site, but one of those would be slightly more useful as an ongoing time reference for ToF lightning detection and stuff…