Considering WeatherFlow Tempest or?

Hi @rnix.1, welcome to the community! You have joined at an interesting time. WeatherFlow are just beginning to roll out their new Tempest hardware and app. There are some members of the community who are not happy with the changes (progress doesn’t suit everyone!), but please don’t let this put you off.

From a personal perspective, I am very happy with the hardware. I have only owned basic weather stations before, so this was definitely a step up for me. The ability for you to access your data freely from their API was a massive bonus, and there is now a large collection of third party apps you can use to view and archive your data (Smart Weather Station Third-Party Applications). The app is good, and the support from WeatherFlow is second to none. I can’t comment on the performance of the wireless range as mine is much closer than 160ft, but I am pretty sure there are users on here who have their devices much further away and have no issues.