Dedicated Display Console

…or take control of your own setup and do something yourself to scratch whatever itch you have.

Oh I’ll handle it one way or another, it’s just annoying that such an obvious add-on isn’t readily available. I’m also mystified that there isn’t more configurability of the App when it’s running in Full Screen Tablet mode. That would solve the whole problem right there.

I wish that were so. I currently have that setup running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10" and there’s a few issues:

  1. Even with a 10" screen the display is not easily readable from across the room; this is because you can’t customize the data being displayed. If it was possible to reconfigure and drop the stuff you don’t need there would be more screen real estate available to show the basics like Temperature and Wind Speed in a larger size.

  2. If the app restarts for any reason it forgets that it’s running in Full Screen Standard Mode and defaults back to Basic which chews up a bunch of screen real estate in order to display the weather forecast and makes the Temp / Wind Speed even smaller!

If you have a spare raspberry pi, running weewx with the Belchertown skin is a nice option.

Now that’s something I hadn’t seen and I’ll explore it. Thank you for the suggestion!

Edit: That was an excellent suggestion! The “Crandard” skin is the kind of minimalist “at a glance” display that I was envisioning and the NeoWX skin appears to take that farther but allowing a minimalist “at a glance” type display that retains the ability to drill down if you want.

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oh - yeah. The WF gui design. Yeccch.

My primary display is from Home Assistant using TileBoard as an add-on. Most data is MQTT or REST queries with ZWave door/window sensors. That’s a little heavyweight a solution and HA is very painful to cook up a nice dashboard for but once you get there it’s great. Very dense terminology and not the nicest forum people though…

My dashboard is here (Use a Kindle as a WeatherFlow display - #80 by vinceskahan). Things change color based on state. Description of the howto is in the linked thread.


You could pretty easily do something with native weewx that would look just fine across the room. It’s set up so you can roll your own ‘skins’ to present any look’n’feel you want.

Excerpt from my home page with lots of graphs etc. and data in other frames. The scaling of the rain gauge changes if we get a lot of rain that day so it doesn’t just max out of rain exceeds 1" that day. Color bands are historical hi/lo (example here - 13F to 106F) with the inner white bands showing the hi/lo for that week (this photo - 42F to 54F).

This one is via bootstrap to generate text.

Or you could use node-red if you like that. Lots of folks do that. Or grafana. So many ways to get there.


Will your tablet display indoor temperature and humidity? Most all other weather stations will. This is why a dedicated screen is needed.

The requirements keep growing. Now you’ve added inside T+H (and presumably P) sensors plus the original display issue. Adding a $15 bme280 sensor on a $2 breadboard would scratch that itch.

Again, obligatory weewx reply applies here. Trivial to do that with weewx and a raspi. Add the wfudp driver. Build the dashboard of your choice. Display on the glass of your choice.

Pi+kindle+sensor+case+sd+power gets you into the $100-125 range I’d estimate.

Or simply add a bme280 breadboard to the already pretty nice $200 or so wfpiconsole setup.

I keep asking the same question and nobody answers…exactly how much would you pay for what you’re asking for ?

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Every other weather station on the planet has these features. And most are cheaper than the Tempest.

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Ummmm, no every other one does not.

It is always prudent to research what you’re buying before you buy it.

  • You might have to give a little on features.

  • You might have to give a little on budget.

  • Or you might have to vote with your feet and go with a different vendor if you can’t find a mix of functionality + cost that meets your needs.

Lack of a dedicated display console has been well known since the earliest crowdsourced Air+Sky first generation development in 2017. It is just not going to happen. People need to either accept that, build their own solution, or vote with their wallets and buy a vendor that scratches their itch.

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Then they need to do a better job with their software. What they have now is so elementary. It barely serves a purpose. It’s a great station, but it needs improvements. Better and bigger fonts so you can see them from more than 2 feet away. I don’t know if they even read these suggestions or not. That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for listening. And yes, most other stations have standalone displays and are half the price.

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No, it does not. Why would I want a single indoor temp/humidity reading when my home automation system already has one in every single room of our house? Most of the time the indoor sensors never agree, because of different levels of solar heating or which way the prevailing wind is coming from in colder months…


Does not connect. Hasn’t been updated since 2020. Like everything else Tempest. Lot of love at first, not so much anymore. It’s a shame they are still selling these.

But you can buy a whole new weather station with this all built in for less than 150.00.

Please feel free to do so. Just stop whining about your purchase of something that doesn’t meet your personal requirements. Do some more research the next time.

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Don’t worry, I’m just letting people know that this isn’t the next best weather station, It’s far from that.

It’s very much a re-Work in Progress…
Stay tuned… it’ll be worth it!

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It only needs a Pi 3 to run, $35 add on $35 for a 5" touchscreen with an extra SD card and power supply I had laying around and I built mine for $70 post covid

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I hope you are correct. It looked promising.

Check out Essense3 landing page – Ecowitt - no idea on price or accuracy but the technical stuff looks like they’re trying to fix some of the perceived longstanding issues with the WF gear…

No idea on their committed accuracy of the sensors for haptic/ultrasonic. My recollection of the specs on their current gear is ‘we kinda dunno what it will be’.


Link to previous thread

Sam - You need to update your apps to work on the latest hardware. I looked up your apps and here is the results:

Compatibility for your active devices *

Samsung SM-S918U S23 Ultra
Does not work on your device

Samsung SM-X900 S8 Ultra Tablet
Does not work on your device

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro
Does not work on your device

I would love to have the pro version of your app for my tablet and phone.


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Sent you a PM.
I’d like to discuss this more.