Different lux observations in app and through Web Sockets API

I’m working with the web sockets API to retrieve data from a station I installed. Everything is working ok, except that the lux values in the weather flow app are different from what is reported via the web sockets API.

For instance, right now.
the app reads brightness as 6730 lux in the app
the API is reading illuminance as 1410.

the difference in terminology is also weird. I’d liek to get the lux data accurately via websockets.

I’m unclear on the discrepancy. Other values like temperature and wind speed are checking out ok.
to make the web sockets connection, I’m using a program called touch designer which I have used for other data driven projects. I have not been able to check the UDP data to see if the values are ok there. I’d like to continue to use the web sockets data.

Any thoughts?

thank you,


i just tried it using the api link on the top of this page. It matches fine.
Are you using your own program to interface with the api?

Same here. I’m running a websocket program that’s updating SmartThings. Lux is identical in both places.