Displaying Tempest Weather at Home

I use my Tempest and one thing I have been trying to accomplish is finding the best way to have a display in my home. I know we can use the iPad and android tablets. But I am married, and my wife likes some color to see on the display. I think I have found something I like and my wife also! I found an Android application called (What Weather).
(What Weather Pro Weather Station).
You can use the free version if you choose. But I choose to use the paid (Pro) version for $3.43 per year. The main reason the paid version was I was able to place my (Wonder Flow) information into its program! Now I see the same weather information, that’s on my iPhone. I have been using it for few days, and it works great. I am not sure how private your information will be, but I will try it. Right now, I am using my Fire tablet 10.2in with the debugging on for android operating system.

Search for forum here for weather display, there is a dedicated display for weather. I don’t use it but others do and seem to like it. I port everything into Home Assistant myself and have automations to send notifications for certain ‘events’. As for color, not exactly what you meant, but I have a few lamps that I have change color based on outside air quality; you could easily do that for weather also. Here is another option for you: https://github.com/GlennGoddard/CanvasGaugeBackgrounds

I also use HA with the Tileboard add-on to a 8" Kindle Fire. The gauges and icons change color based on values or states. Top-right AQI is an outside PurpleAir. Bottom-right AQI is an inside Davis AirLink.

I just posted this in another thread, not unlike yours. This one just happens to be a Node-Red Dashboard, but my HA is similar.

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I’d be interested in a screenshot of your HA dashboard…

you published the code for this ? I also use node-red but never made those nice dashboards. Rather simple ones for internal use.

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