Extreme Temperature Scrubbing

My Tempest has been working wonderfully for over a year. I had some very abnormal reading spikes about 40-80 degrees off the actual temp. The only way to remove them is to delete all my data and start over. the moments were very brief but they have messed up all my averages and records. Cant there be a way to fix this without losing all my accurate data?

perhaps some option algorithm that runs daily over the data to remove clearly bad measurements, but currently that is not available.

Obligatory weewx response. It has a StdQC feature to let you tune blocking obviously bad readings.


Can you explain that in more detail? is this something I can do with my tempest? New here. Thanks for the response

Not with just the WF gear.

You need to set up a raspberry pi on your home network and run a piece of software (weewx) to listen to the UDP messages the hub emits on your network. The weewx docs are (here) if you want to do some more reading. There ‘are’ some limitations re: WF gear specifically due to how WF does some things only on their servers, but I won’t get into those here in this thread. If you don’t run weewx it kinda doesn’t matter of course…