Forum hidden topics

Occasionally I click on a topic and am greeted with the message:

Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

Is there a hidden layer to this forum?

Yes there is a part for the testers to talk to the WF team, mostly to share our pushing the system over the limit :grin: that’s what we are asked to do

you have some exemple ? Maybe from time to time we link to a topic in there forgetting not everyone can read it. :see_no_evil:

Also the forum software will allow you in a section (lounge) once you have posted enough (earned reputation … for what it is worht)

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I thought that might be the case!

The example I saw this morning was on this thread: Add SKY to existing station - #3 by WFmarketing. It seems to have changed now, but a number of posts were split into a new topic that couldn’t be accessed.

Looks like I need to post some useful stuff if I want to get access to the inside track :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the lounge is not really used for anything, so don’t bother for that :wink:
Only section that is fully used it the testers area.

Indeed Keith took out some part of that topic as it is related to a tester’s device and it wouldn’t be useful to you as some are different in design, use … especially the first batch that has extra stuff for the staff to be able to monitor very very closely … things that are not in the actual devices (not needed anymore)

But your input is always welcome as the more return the staff gets, the better they can make the software behind all this.