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Use and enjoy my WeatherFlow AIR every day.

Any chance the WeatherFlow Community Forum Software can use “pagination?”

I am frustrated by scrolling through long threads/topics. Currently, the topic “How well is shipping going?” has over 165 posts. I have to scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, to see the last, most recent post. AND I a few days ago I read most of them. This takes time away from me that I could be using to watch cute cat videos on youtube.

A potential solution - turn on “pages” in the forum software. After 30 posts, a new page is started and the user can jump to page 1, 2, 3, etc. Or choose last post first, instead of first post first. Both of these ideas require these features in the Forum Software. If the Forum Software DEMANDS long scrolling threads/topics, evaluating alternative Forum Software might be warranted.

Just my humble opinion. (My wife claims that none of my opinions are humble)


On the website there is a little blue bar to the right of the post you are currently viewing that you can use to quickly scroll through a long thread. I have attached a screenshot below to show where it is:


A similar function exists if you view the forum on a smartphone. Click on the post counter at the bottom of the page:


And then use the very similar blue bar to rapidly move through the different posts:


Hope this helps!


Thanks for your potentially helpful reply.

Unfortunately, on my iPad, I don’ t see any blue bar on the right.

Yup. I never noticed it, but on my PC there is a blue bar on the right.

Maybe a solution - However, on my PC, moving the “slug” down on the right took over 45 seconds to redisplay the last post. (I am hampered by living in a rural area with 3MB sec download max)

Sigh, new software (by this I mean software like the WeatherFlow Forum Software) seems to assume that everyone has a fast Internet connection with no adblocking installed.

Rant done; I’ll go back into my corner quietly now.

I haven’t tried it on my iPad but in the Edge browser, when I open a previously read topic, I’m automatically taken to the first new post, no scrolling necessary. Are you logged in?


The forum software we use is Discourse ( and they actually don’t offer pagination (as far as I know). Instead, forum threads have “infinite scroll”. And I agree that would be a pain if you had to scroll to the end every time you visited a thread. However, the way it’s supposed to work is that it will remember where you were when you return to a thread. And if it doesn’t, there’s also a little page scroller in there that let’s you easily jump to either end of the thread.



Thanks for the replies.

  1. So far only WeatherFlow/Discourse forum causes me the interminable scrolling pain. Other forums I visit have their own issues (like tapatalk always pestering me to download the app).
  2. I do have some ad blockers,script blockers and pihole to speed up browsing (I am constrained to a slow DSL connection) This is probably the root cause of scrolling problem
  3. I only logon to post (who would stay logged in all the time post Snowden?)

Content on the WeatherFlow Community is top notch. If annoying scrolling is the only problem I can live with it.

Maybe this will help…

Try selecting the menu located in the upper right corner and select “new” from the choices. Then you will only see new posts since your last visit.


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