History of observations

I’m very new to this Smart Weather stuff, but I have a Tempest up and working - observing my first rain.

Is there a way to plot the history of observed data, such as temperatures and rain fall without entering it into a graphic spreadsheet? I’m thinking there should be an app for that.

click on the icon on the top right, you’ll see the old interface. Click on any of those values, and you will see the graph with historic data.

you could use ifttt interface to automatically enter the data in a spreadsheet if that is what you prefer.

Thanks, but that doesn’t seem to work as you’re suggesting. I’m in the new Tempest App. I can see several days of history, but I can’t seem to get to plots.

After clicking on the icon in the top right, you should get the old format display. Now click on the item you would like to graph, say temperature.

did you click on the icon in the top right? The one that looks like the tempest weather unit?

Did you get an interface that looks like this

Then click on for example the thermometer and you should see the graphs


Screenshots are golden! Thanks, I’m set.

Jim Patton

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