How many are using Power Boosters

They were about $40 and the extension cable with weather proof connection was about $10. This was to extend the distance between the wafer that attached to the Tempest and the battery/power unit.


I have had other solar powered instruments that were able to make through the dark season. I can’t really recommend these for the PNW. Not thrilled to pay more $ to keep them charged.

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Depending on siting, rechargable batteries might be a lower cost unless it’s too rough taking the Tempest down and putting it back up periodically in the PNW grey season.

The sun will come back again this spring. Maybe :slight_smile:

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I’m in Woodinville and got one of the first power boosters. It certainly has been a help during the prolonged overcast days up here.

In my experience, the batteries last about 8-9 months.

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I guess I have been somewhat lucky. Although frigid here, the sunlight the last few days re-powered my Tempest and it reported a trace of rain yesterday and the battery is better. But I’d still like the booster when it becomes available again. Although I’m not sure that I need the Lightning report from six days ago!

Add the UK to that list as well.

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I don’t get full sun coverage even on clear days due to the tall pine trees around our property. Thanks to the abundant overcast days this time of year, my weather station wouldn’t charge up and it was essentially useless from late fall to early spring. The power booster solved that problem.

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Few hours yesterday to get it back where I want it… I hate going up the ladders that high :slight_smile: Sod’s Law today very sunny this morning :slight_smile:


Why didn’t you run the wire down the center of the pipe? Also, if you can get the wire run into the attic or otherwise inside the house you could avoid the high ladder climb when the batteries need to be replaced.

Pipe is full of concrete to stop vibration and I have no power at all that side of loft space.

I wasn’t talking about power, just if it is easier to reach the loft space, the battery box could be inside. No need for the tall ladder outside when it comes time to replace the batteries.

Oh, good thinking !! When I go up to change them I’ll drill though…

Mine has been on Mode 3 pretty much since it drained off the initial charge from the factory and has never even gotten back to Mode 2. I have been waiting for the accessory pack so that I can get all of the functionality back. That 90% number is probably a little high for marketing purposes.

I’m over in Bothell, and mine just drained right down to Mode 3 from week 1 and has never charged above Mode 3. Did you run yours for a time without battery backup, and did it charge suffiiciently?

Mine seems to have recovered over the last number of sunny days.

It was down to 2.38 volts (and I think I saw lower) and now it is 2.5 volts. I still want the Power Booster. But if yours is receiving sun you might have a problematic unit.

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I got my Tempest several years ago and it worked ok during the summer but it was useless from Fall through Spring. Since I installed the PB the unit has worked year round…it should have been available from the start.

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Out of stock till Mid-January!

Well, halfway through today should be Mid-January! :rofl:

Do you have the plot for your Solar Radiation W/m^2 over that period. Mine has only ever received 288 W/m^2 at a maximum since December 25th. Even then it was a short period of time. Today is fairly sunny and the location is only receiving about 170 W/m^2. The problem is I have a large row of trees to the South of my property, so I think even with full sun I am only receiving slight periods of charging.

Is the solar PLOT something found in their app or do you do use a separate method for plotting sun exposure? Tempest is now 2.67. I have solar on the roof and as usual in the pacific northWET (northWET Washington) it produces and doesn’t. But it does not feed batteries.

I definitely want the Power Booster.

edited to add: Oh, I see, tapping on that field shows power graph.

I will post as soon as the screenshot arrives.

Looks like your area is getting a bit more sunlight than where I am. From what I have read the unit charges when it is above 300 W/m^2 for extended periods of time. This is why I really need them to get that battery pack in stock.