Hub interactions API?

Are the Bluetooth/Wifi bridge functions and data structures for the Hub available anywhere? In my application, would like to replace my hub with a Raspberry Pi, which is already doing bridging duties.

Follow this link:

Thank you for your faster-than-light response. The link, however, reports “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”. Is there a way to earn such superpowers?

Oh, crap. Hang on, I’ll fix that.

I edited the link. Press the “home” icon in the link to see more information.

If you have ANY questions, ask. There are a few here that are well versed on the API.

At this time only the REST API is published. The websocket is documented but isn’t really an API and UDP has no API.

We’re all waiting for the Bluetooth API which should come after full production has been shipped. WeatherFlow has been extremely busy.

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The WiFi/Bluetooth radio is actually in the Hub, which communicates to the end devices over a low-power, long-range sub-GHz radio. So, while you can’t replace the Hub with a Pi, your Pi can extend the functionality of the rest of the hardware by tapping into the UDP stream, as many folks in the Developers group have done. Have fun!