Install question - White PVC vs Grey PVC (electrical) SCH 80

Hey, great conversation and I enjoy hearing people’s different takes and solutions to the same problem and the reasons for doing so. I do not come at this as an argument, just as discussion of fellow hobbyists.

To address the grounding and what that is typically used for; it dissipates static and electrical charge to prevent it from damaging the equipment or entering your house like if you had an antenna or satellite dish connected to equipment in your house.
As you know nothing enters the house with a Tempest and I seriously doubt the unit would survive a direct strike even with grounding. A direct strike would ruin the Tempest and I’ll get another one, nothing else would happen. All that being said, I can’t say your wrong, grounding is a good idea and most-likely in the building code somewhere but I don’t think the result would be catastrophic.

For people like me that live in hurricane areas (Florida) a 1" wooden pole would be the last thing to use. Just when I want to see weather the most, during a hurricane, my Tempest will be in someone’s pool a mile away with a broken wooden pole sticking out of the bottom :slight_smile:

If you have a ROKU streaming device, install my WeatherFlow Channel.
You will like it !!!
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