Is there a way to display data from a Weather Flow station as a screen saver on a smart TV?

Is there a way to view Weather Flow station data on a smart TV - either as a App, a screen saver. or other means?
For example I use Apple and Amazon Prime Video streaming devices on a LG OLED smart TV. I would like to be able to easily view my weather station dataon my TV

Bookmark as a favorite, it’ll launch your stations data on the tv in a browser.

Note that this is an unauthenticated request, and tempestwx imposes an unspecified limit on the number of such requests that can be made to a weather page before getting denied with an error message (see the previous question). You may want to be careful about doing this, especially if you’d like to use the unauthenticated access elsewhere (e.g, a Tidbyt display, a tablet around the house, etc).

If you log in to your WeatherFlow account first it will be authenticated after that.

Thanks for the reply. I am thinking more along the lines of a smart TV App or, preferably, a WIFI or Bluetooth accessible wallpaper, independent of having to launch and use a Web Browser.

If you have a Roku you can install the “Weather Station Data v5.0” channel. It won’t display your Tempest App screens but you can plug in your station ID and it will pull data from your Tempest into the “Weather Station Data v5.0” display.

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