Issue with modifying / adding secondary panels

Since upgrading to v23.10.1, myself and others can no longer add or modify secondary panels, running either of Buster or Bullseye. When trying to do so, the pop-up of the default secondary panels will appear with a scrollbar, but it is not scroll-able, nor does using up and down arrow keys work. Since I had installed my secondary panel and the upgraded to v.23.10.1, I hadn’t noticed anything was wrong. In trying to replicate the issue, it was apparent immediately that we are now unable to choose a custom secondary panel (Tides, in our case). Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the report! I will take a look and see what is going on

@robert.jochim, I have tried to recreate this issue using your custom Tides panel, but I don’t see any problems. I have tried using Bullseye 32 bit on a Pi 3. Remember when the secondary panel selector pops up, you scroll through the options by dragging (using touch) or scrolling (using mouse) on the selection buttons themselves rather than the scroll bar. The scroll bar is there just to indicate that there are hidden options. If you try to drag the scroll bar, then nothing will happen