Lightning, IT'S ALIVE! (yes, my fish hate me)

The light is a WS2812 individually addressable LED strip. I’ve got it connected to a NodeMCU ESP8266 board that is flashed with WLED. The WLED firmware has dozens of effects built in, one of them is this lightning flash. I’ve got a UDP listener that is looking for UDP messages from the hub indicating a lightning strike. My home automation controller is SmartThings, I have the WLED strip added to that as a controllable device. Along with SmartThings, I use SharpTools with SmartThings. SharpTools can use a webhook as a trigger. I have the UDP listener set to do an HTTP request to a URL in SharpTools, when SharpTools get it, it turns off the aquarium lights off, turns on the lightning effect for 5 seconds and then restores the previous state of the light waiting for the next strike

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