New categories and me doing some homework

Hello all

Staff added already 2 categories in the owner’s corner to organise a bit the forum. For sure over time things will continue to change as we learn and develop the forum.

This means I’ll be moving some topics around to these new sections and also might alter your titles a bit so they reflect better (I hope) the content of the thread.

As mentioned by @dsj (David) please try to have a title stating clearly the content, if a bug, start with BUG : topic title etc … The bug section will be actively used by staff members in resolving bugs etc but please make it easy for them to find your topic for follow up etc.

And thanks to all for making this place a living community :+1:

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If it’s in the Bug topic what’s the point of adding Bug to the topic?

if you navigate via latest or just on home page … easier to spot.

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That’s what I do. Topics are tagged by the colored “Catagory” tag.