New Hub Firmware: v91

Starting today, we’re rolling out a major firmware release (v91) to all Smart Weather Stations, in stages. This update will result in your Hub quietly restarting around 4am, but should otherwise be unnoticeable. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please let us know by replying to this post, by filling out the form at, or by sending an email to

Significant changes since v49 are posted in the firmware release notes.


Got it. Station 2527

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I just setup station 5193 and I can’t get it to do a firmware upgrade. Still on version 17.

This happened to me too. I contacted WF for help and after some attempts they sent me a new hub. The next day, the hub had automatically upgraded itself… My suggestion: wait a couple of days.

Yeah I guess it might update automatically. I was hoping to use the udp data from it today but i think the firmware version might be affecting the output of that.

See if the WF app will let you upgrade from v17 manually. If my failing memory serves me correctly, v17 was the last manual upgrade before the automatic stuff was added…

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@vreihen You are correct, but the manual upgrade just wouldn’t work. WF staff suggested that I try it on another network (phone hotspot) but that didn’t work either. One or two days later it had automatically upgraded itself…

@plains203 What about your UV-index data? Mine was total rubbish until the firmware was upgraded. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your station will automatically upgrade itself too!

@ruud I can’t comment on my UV data and I will try hotspotting it to my phone for the update as well.

Hotspotting got me to hub version 49.

Leave it some more and with some luck another upgrade will follow

WIth V19 the recent sky’s UV sensor can’t work as it changed (hardware wise) hence you’re complete off the record values. With V49 it should already be more ‘usual’

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It updated overnight to v91. I guess it helped that I manually updated the previous step? It would be nice if I could have manually updated to the current version though. I am planning to use one of these in an offline situation and pull data from the udp stream.

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I have just noticed my HUB firmware is now v94 since about 0400 this morning.

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Great! See New Hub Firmware: v94

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