New Hub Firmware: v94

We’re rolling out a new production Hub firmware release (v94) to all Smart Weather Stations starting today. Your Hub will quietly restart around 4am local time and you should experience nearly zero downtime.

v94 includes a wind filter bug fix and a significantly more sophisticated calibration algorithm for rain accumulation. While you may not notice an improvement immediately, this paves the way for greatly improving the accuracy and consistency of the rain sensor.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please let us know by replying to this post, by filling out the form at, or by sending an email to


My both stations here in Germany missed the update this night. Still having v91 at 10am…
Is there someone in Europe how’s got the update tonight ?

I’m still on firmware V91 atm its 10:15 AM

same thoughts making :wink: 20 chars

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Perhaps the update was pushed after 4 am local time in Germany? I’m in the UK and am running version 94.

That would be strange… as the announcement was slightly before midnight (local time) and UK is only one hour different to Germany or the Netherlands.
Thanks peter for your post.
Maybe @WFmarketing could mention the detailed time of getting the update life and some information on the update deploying procedure? Maybe in a separate > thread.

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I just checked my weather station. I’m still on version 91.
I’m living in Switzeralnd. There seems to be a problem .


14.09.2018: Now I’m on version 94 and everything works fine.

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I just sent support an email. I looks like my station failed after the update. It’s been offline for about an hour now.

did you reboot the hub ?
If that didn’t help, did you reset ?

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I am not at home at the moment to do it and I won’t be for a few more hours. I can connect to my router so the internet is working fine.

@WFmarketing Was the update pushed out to all hubs this morning, or is it happening over several days? Mine is still V91. I cycled power on the hub just now - still says 91, but I now get a magenta light when connected via BLE. It used to be blue. Is this abnormal or something known/expected? Station ID 4925. Thanks.

Mine has switched to v94 here in UK

Yes. With so many stations online we now stagger upgrades over several days. Apologies for leaving out that detail in the announcement!

Looks like you’re back up, now - did you manually power cycle it or did it come up on its own? Note, this happens on rare occasions for some reason but, overall, the vast majority of updates are going smoothly so I don’t think we have a widespread issue.


I manually power cycled it and then reset it as it couldn’t find any wifi networks. I kept cycling it and eventually it found my network.

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As noted above, we slow roll the upgrades across the network. As of 10:51a Pacific time on 13Sept: 57.4% v94, 42.1% v91 and counting.

13 Sept: 4:40p Pacific / 11:40 UTC : v94 - 90.9% ; v91 - 8.6% ; still rolling out.


Thanks for adding the detail…
My stations got the update last night. First one was the one with the higher ID and higher Serial at about midnight and the second one at about 2:30 (both local CEST).

What means 23:40 UTC, right ?

What about the missing 0.5 % ? :thinking:

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There are Hubs still on v17.


@WFmarketing Just checking this morning - should I have v94 yet or is the update still being rolled out? Mine is still on v91.