New User Tutorial?

How do I use and find the New Users Tutorial? Thanks!

Steve again what are you loking for since beginning what ??
there is a nice faq on weatherflow site with good advice already.

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The site indicates that there is a Badge available for completing a “New User Tutorial”…This is what I am looking for…Thanks!

I would probably suggest using the search icon top-right and entering the string “new user tutorial” and trying the one message other than this one that it finds :slight_smile:

You should have a first private message from @discobot. Just follow the instructions given within and @discobot will guide you through a new users tutorial.

@discobot start tutorial
in a private message will start the tutorial manual.

Hallo! Um herauszufinden, was ich kann, schreibe @discobot Hilfe anzeigen.


I admit I have had an interesting 30 minutes of conversation with DiscoBot, but I still can’t get him (her?) to connect me to the New Users Tutorial…Maybe it just doesn’t like me…Any other ideas?

Steve Ziegler
LTC, (Ret), US Army

You mean, you didn’t receive your certificate jet ?
Ne passiert, it has to be fabricated :smile:
Wait about 24 h and let’s see wether discobot will deliver or not.

Colonel sir,


@discobot start new user
@discobot start advanced user.

Where do I put “@discobot start new user”…Sorry to be so slow. but I have never used anything like this before! Thanks for your patience…

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Start a new Private Message.

Click on you icon at the top right corner the click on the envelope.