No temperature data

Hello, after several years of duty, the temp sensor doesn’t work anymore for the last 3 days. All other data are properly recorded, except temp. Anything I can do to fix it? Sometimes, for a couple of seconds, the temp is around - 300 deg C…

Thanks for your help.

Precisely - 327.7 at app start up. Then nothing

check the status, it might indicate “temperature failed”

No failure indication. Just - - - for temp

but did you check the status of the device?

Yes. No failure indication

never mind, I found your station and it does say that it failed (Tempest Station Status) Time to contact support.

Thanks. Just sent them an email. I’m afraid this is a hardware failure…

if your in the warranty your fine. if your outside the warranty you have to buy a new tempest. i believe they give some discount. but the sensor shouldn’t have failed

Temperature is back. I have restarted the station and it’s now working. Strange…

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