Orders for our UK customers (including Northern Ireland)

We’ve been shipping our products to the UK (including Northern Ireland) directly from our warehouse in the UK for the past few weeks. Time for a little update.

We started with the Tempest weather kit, and more recently, the power booster and weather meter for precision shooting have become available. The universal mount is expected to be available next week. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT, and for every order over £50, standard shipping is free throughout the UK. You also have the option to upgrade to expedited shipping for an additional fee.

We have some additional items planned for release, but we don’t have an exact time frame yet. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience!

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Hi Eric, any further update on the UK availability on the universal mount? I’ve been checking every day :slight_smile:

Yep one step closer.
It finally made customs and was released , now last stretch to get it in the warehouse and ready.
I wouldn’t dare say next week but hopefully early week after. Sorry it takes so long.

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This is great to see.
I’ve already had a tempest in the UK since 2021 but it’s great to see the UK getting easier access to purchase a tempest.

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Great news. Look forward to using it in the future.