PI console with Waveshare all-in-one 7 inch 1024x600 resolution

I wanted to show you all my weekend project.

I have built the PI console with the Waveshare 7-inch touchscreen using a Raspberry PI Zero 2W on Bookworm. The case I designed myself and 3d printed it. It exists out of two parts, that are bolted together with 4 screws so that I can always get to the RP Zero. The screen comes with doubleside tape. On the side are 5 buttons for the screen. https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/Zero-DISP-7A. A big thank you to Pete Davis for creating the WFPiconsole :pray:!


Would you be willing to share the 3d print file so others can print the case?

I am happy to share this case. The case in the picture is the V2 variant.
The V3 variant should work too but I did not test it yet.

In case you need a specific file format, do not hesitate to ask and I can see if my software can export this.