Portrait & Landscape friendly displays

Hi, Tempest needs to come up with excellent displays for portrait and landscape tablet form factor. Enclosed is an example. The INDOOR can be replaced with hourly forecast for next X hours. Display of date and time is essential.

I’m amazed at how LaCrosse has managed to create a PWS console that’s even uglier than the Davis VP2! :roll_eyes:

Seriously though, there are plenty of third-party integrations here that will provide much nicer displays without the 1990’s look…

Can you name a few with pictures?

I like the WeatherFlow PiConsole: GitHub - peted-davis/WeatherFlow_PiConsole: Raspberry Pi Python console for WeatherFlow Tempest and Smart Home Weather Stations

It’s meant to run on a Raspberry Pi with a touch display, but I just run it on my desktop (PopOS Linux) and use my mouse.

I’ve attempted to paste a screenshot below: