Rain measurement discrepancy?

Hey all. I’m curious if anyone might know why I get different rain measurements in different apps/systems for the same tempest installation?
The temperate app shows the following:

The WFPi Console shows:

And then the SmartMixin app shows:

It’s definitely been raining much more to to totals seen in PiConsole and SmartMixin.

Anyone else experiencing this kind of quandary or know how to explain it? It’s not just the today total, it’s even the yesterday total.

In your first picture, you’ll notice a little rain drop icon above yesterday’s rain measurement. That indicates that you have “Near Cast” turned on. Near Cast is an adjusted value that displays a normalized rain measurement for your local area instead of your devices exact measurement. This value will match up more closely to official rain measurements. The other two are displaying your devices actual measurements.

To turn off Near Cast go into your settings->stations->select your station->manage devices-> select your device->advanced and uncheck “Show NC Rain”. To get more information on this, tap the “i” icon when you are on that screen.

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Thanks, did the trick! I could have sworn I disabled NC just a few weeks ago. ah well.