Rainfall Intensity between time scales

Quick question, at 1-min intervals, I see rainfall rates of 1.2 in/hr, while at 5-mins, I see 1.4 in/hr. All the 1-min rates are at most 1.2 in/hr. How is this possible? I would think all 1-min average intensities should be higher at peak than at 5-min due to averaging and extrapolation to 1-hr rates. Thanks!


how does this graph look with rain check off?

Is that a setting for me to change?

sorry, they renamed it to near cast (NC). under advance manage devices

You are viewing the Rain graph which puts the rate in bins. If instead you select the drop down menu and select the Rain Rate graph it will show the bars as rates rather than bins. See my examples below.

Rain graph:

Rain Rate graph:

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iā€™m so used to only look at the rain rate graph, that i had forgotten about this. this is of course the right answer