Raspberry Pi 5 and Operating Systems

Update: 26th October 2023

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently announced the release of the Raspberry Pi 5 and the new Raspberry Pi OS based on Debian Bookworm. Please note the following compatibility limitations:

  • The PiConsole is compatible with Raspberry Pi OS based on Debian Bookworm or Debian Bullseye. Either OS can be used on a Pi3 or a Pi 4.
  • Updates to the PiConsole are no longer compatible with Raspberry Pi OS (Buster). If you are running this OS on a Raspberry Pi 3, please update to Bookworm or Bullseye if you want to use a version of the PiConsole greater or equal to v23.10.1
  • Raspberry Pi 5 requires Debian Bookworm. The console should be compatible with Raspberry Pi 5, but is untested (I do not have the new hardware for testing). No support is available if the install fails on a Pi 5

@peter - I got the develop branch of wfpiconsole on top of the new 2023-10-10 raspios to work with a hand-crafted quickie installer script to do a clean installation on a pi4. I had to add a dpkg or two, and had to switch versions of a couple pip modules to be compatible with the new python version in the new os.

There is a little bit of whining logged on startup related to changes the Pi folks made to the windowing system, but it does run ok in about 8 hours of testing vs. my simulator in UDP+Websockets mode.

PM me your email and I’ll send you the script and dpkg/pip lists of what the resulting config looks like for when life permits you to get around to it. Life happens.

Much appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in on the piconsole !!!

The compatibility requirements for the PiConsole have been updated for versions greater than or equal to v23.10.1. Please see the OP for details.

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