Remote reset power cycle sensor?

Hello is there any way for a command to remote restart the sensor . instead always climb to the sensor and power cycle off on?

WeatherFlow support can send a remote reboot command as long as the Tempest is still communicating with the hub. As with most electronics, there is a chance that some issues still need a hard reboot which can only be done manually with the switch.

thanks for the info my 1 sensor had every 12 h pressure failed but still was online but no datas , then weatherflow support send me a new sensor but also the new sensor had again pressure failed and no more datas but the sensor was still online. The sensor is only about 40-50 meters away from the hub.It would be nice to give this sensor restart command from the App instead always climb up to the sensor.
Now the sensor is online again hope to get some more sensor uptime this time.