Request to add your weather station share link in your profile

Dear Weatherflow enthusiasts.

Often when someone reports a problem/bug related to her/his station, we have to ask to give us her/his station details. Without, the chances someone helps is slim (even staff can’t guess your station’s id)
Maybe we can all edit our profile page and insert the link there, at least we won’t be asking the same question over and over again. Clicking on your avatar and … follow the link.

You can find your link on your online station’s page if it is set public (for private stations this trick won’t work)

Here is for exemple mine (with an old station I had, good exemple for “don’t forget to update if it changes” )



and here is a post on how to find your station ID


there is an entry called ‘website’, I used that one :wink:

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Is ok too, but some have a dedicated website for their weather that they would like to share too …

but in the end, as long we can find your station if it is set public, makes life easier :nerd_face:

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Color me silly, but I can’t find Profile…

No problem

top right click on your W next to the hamburger menu and lookup glasses


Found it. Thanks!


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Done! Thanks!

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Follow the directions in the first post of this thread to add your tempest station to your profile.