REST API lightning_strike_count: What is that number showing?

In the REST API there is value called lightning_strike_count I am unsure exactly what that number is. Is it the number of strikes since midnight or… The rest of the values around Lightning are obvious, but this number I am unsure about.

Hope someone can clarify that.

if I look at the app there is a number that shows the number of strikes in the last 3 hours. That might be it, but I’m not sure.

No this is not it. If you look below you see the obs data that is returned, in here is a datapoint called lightning_strike_count. The lightning_strike_count_last_3hr clearly displays the number og strikes in the last 3 hours, but what is the time period for the lightning_strike_count?

  "obs": [
      "timestamp": 1552747144,
      "air_temperature": 7.7,
      "barometric_pressure": 994.3,
      "station_pressure": 994.3,
      "sea_level_pressure": 998.4,
      "relative_humidity": 71,
      "precip": 0,
      "precip_accum_last_1hr": 0,
      "precip_accum_last_24hr": 4.274,
      "precip_accum_local_day": 1.797,
      "precip_accum_local_yesterday": 11.176,
      "wind_avg": 2,
      "wind_direction": 239,
      "wind_gust": 3.2,
      "wind_lull": 0.8,
      "solar_radiation": 87,
      "uv": 0.29,
      "brightness": 10534,
      "lightning_strike_last_epoch": 1552745044,
      "lightning_strike_last_distance": 27,
      "lightning_strike_count": 0,
      "lightning_strike_count_last_3hr": 1,
      "feels_like": 6.5,
      "heat_index": 7.7,
      "wind_chill": 6.5,
      "dew_point": 2.8,
      "wet_bulb_temperature": 5.4,
      "delta_t": 2.3,
      "air_density": 1.23331
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It is the total count of strikes for that observation period reading, which is 60 seconds.

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Thanks @GaryFunk, that makes sense.