SmartThings/Sharptools Dashboard

The main selling point for me with this system was the promise of SmartThings integration…well… we see how that went.

I’ve been wanting a way to display my Tempest data on my wall mounted tablest and I finally figured it out. There is a weather edge driver that pulls in data from a rest call, but it puts all of that info in a single tile and you can only view 2 pieces of data from it.

I recently found a MQTT edge driver for SmartThings and got the idea to use it to pull UDP and websocket data from my tempest and push it into SmartThings via MQTT. I’ve got all of the devices setup an on a panel so that I can easily view it from my wall tablets. It displays the real time 3 second rapid wind readings too so it’s always current. Not as pretty as piconsole, but it’s fully integrated into my smarthome now.


Nice! Any tips you can share on how you set it up?