Some harder to get data

Hi @edg, welcome to the community.

There are a couple of different options that might suit your needs. Firstly, in the WF Tempest app there is a history tab. This gives the high/low temperature and accumulated rain for each 24 hour period, but admittedly it is not between 7 am and 7 am.

Secondly, there is a rich collection of third party applications, some of which will almost certainly suit your needs. Ones that immediately come to mind are WeeWX UDP driver for WeatherFlow station, ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage, and WeatherFlow UDP listener and MQTT/InfluxDB publisher utility.

Finally, you can always use the open API provided by WF to roll your own solution ( If you are familiar with Python or another programming language you could readily write a script to download all the data from the past 24 hours, calculate the max/min and total accumulation, and run it just after 7 am each day.

Hope this helps!

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