Split screen support on iPads ever coming?

Just wondering if the Tempest app will ever support split screens on iPads. It would be great for a desktop or bookcase setup to have persistent tempest display along with my favorite radar app or clock app next to it.


I second this. It’s one of the reasons I’m trying to build a web socket interface right now (although I’m having trouble for some reason) is so I can make a full screen web app for it. The main reason is because the conditions section of the app is ugly and does not reflect the beauty or charm of traditional weather station displays, and the information itself is not presented in a way that is easily glanceable for good UX.

In the meantime, you can kinda get around this by using Stage Manager on the iPad, if it supports it. Although most of us are using an older iPad which doesn’t support this because it doesn’t have an A12X chip or newer. I know my old iPad mini 2 that I use in a 3D printed mount does not, but I can confirm on my M1 iPad Pro which is my daily driver, you can use Stage Manager to place Tempest and RadarScope directly next to each other. It’s not perfect, especially because the Tempest app is not fully responsively resizable, and also because the background is shown around it, but if you apply a black or other solid color wallpaper behind it, it’s ok enough looking.


I was able to do this with my Pixel Fold

Yes, i third this. I have my iPad in portrait mode and would like the time, day, and date at the top large enough to read from 8-10’ away.