Station Intermittently Offline

Good morning. This is my first post to the forum. I have two Tempest devices at two different locations. One of them has been performing flawlessly for over a year. The other one has been giving me a fit with intermittent offline status.

The hub is online and hooked up on 2.4 ghz WiFi. The WiFi service is good. The device is 350 feet or so from the hub with direct line of sight. When I reset hub or device they both go back online and stay that way for awhile and then the device goes back offline.

I have opened a support ticket, but any advice/help would be appreciated.

I had an issue with the hub frequently going offline. I have the Hub Power Bank. Everything was fine for a year or more with the power bank connected but then I started having an issue with the hub going offline. I eventually tried removing the power bank because I didn’t know what else to check and the problem went away. A few months later I tried connecting the power bank again and the problem started again within 24 hours. I left it connected for a few days and the hub went offline multiple times.
I removed it again and have not reconnected it and have not had any problems.

assuming both are using the same hub, wifi is not an issue at all. 350 feet distance sounds like a lot to me. How is the signal strength for both devices? (settings, station, status)

Can you post a link to your station(s) so we can take a look?

@gizmoev @eric @WFstaff @WFsupport Sorry to hijack this thread but I also have a station Tempest Station that is intermittently offline ever since I installed it in June of 2022. The hub is 220’ from my wireless router and the device is 350’ from the router, I have a range extender antenna on the WiFi system. WeatherFlow did send me a new device (I have the original hub) about 8 months ago because the pressure sensor went bad. When I first installed the station the RSSI values for the hub were in the -65 range and the device was in the -85 range which made sense because the device is further away but now the hub RSSI values are in the -85 range and the device in the -65 range which makes no sense at all. I have unplugged the hub many times but the RSSI values are still in the -85 range which is why I think the station goes down so often. Any idea why my hub RSSI values are so low now when nothing has changed with my WiFi router, hub location, or anything else new in the area like trees or buildings? It is a straight shot from the WiFi router to the hub with nothing in the way just like it has been since I installed it. In addition any idea why my sensor RSSI value is higher after I installed the new sensor? Do the newer sensors have a better antenna?

Hi Scott,

The Tempest device does not connect to WiFi directly.

  • The Hub RSSI is the Hub to WiFi signal.
  • The Tempest device RSSI is the Tempest to Hub radio signal.

-85 RSSI is a weak signal. If you’re using a range extender, those can cause problems with dropouts even with good signal. We recommend to connect the Hub to the main network so it is more stable. The new Tempest device you received shouldn’t have a different antenna but it could be marginally better.

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I’ve noticed on my Tempest° stations. . .that the RSSI value is better during the day (-66 to -73) and gets “worser” at night. . .for some ODD reason. . .(-84 to -91) ! The Hubs are 10 feet away from the NETGEAR N450 Access Point (Wi-Fi router). . .and the Tempest° devices are < 200 feet from the Hubs.

I have the same problem, the hub keeps disconnecting. My hub is powered from my Tempest Power Bank. My RSSI values are: -65 for the Tempest station and -21 for the hub.
I have noticed that anytime there is a connect or disconnect of the charger to the hub that the hub often disconnects but even if I’m careful to not disturb the device I get random disconnects.
If I eliminate the Power Bank the connection is more stable but disconnects still happen. I have a second Power Bank and the system performs the same.

Forgot to mention that the hub will reconnect a good number of times on its own and then it will stay disconnected for days.

Thanks for the clarification that the device/sensor connects to the hub and not directly to the WiFi, makes sense now why the device RSSI value is good. It still makes no sense however why my hub RSSI value is in the -85 range when it use to be in the -65 range when absolutely nothing has changed. Does the hub antenna ever go bad over time? Any other possible reasons? Firmware (194) out of date?

The Power Bank, at least the early version, would power cycle the output ports when the input loses power. I don’t know if they changed this behavior on newer units. I know some of us requested that the outputs stay powered even when the input power is cut.

That is the newest hub firmware that has very recently been pushed to your hub.