Station Privacy and PII Concerns

I’m not at all concerned. The EU can’t prosecute me in the US.

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Then go ahead and sue me. It’s not enforceable.

And I state this with a bit of humor.

I personally feel this is much ado about nothing at this point

As station owners this is beyond our scope and not a matter we need to worry about. We should stick to weather and enjoy what we have.


If it’s an issue, WeatherFlow can refuse to sell in EU and refuse to allow connected stations from EU.

I know it will never come to that but it will be consumers that lose in the end.

This article explains why I do not need to be concerned and why most US companies and citizens have nothing to worry about.

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ok now prove he does something with the data for gain , profit, malicous etc two sides of the court argument sure if you misuse data or what is deemed as misuse then your open for a bit of a slap. any eu legislation has little chance of being implemented here in turkey . in fact anything eu is sometimes just a load of inconvenience . i mean when i lived and worked in the uk the last company i worked for had to implement eu safety rules , and guess what i had to be trained on how to bend down and do up my shoe laces whilst at work just so i could not claim an injury whilst at work. i wont go into the rest of the crap that came out of eu safety legislations…

perhaps eric this targets at companies that abuse the use of personal data. someone like gary is hardly going to,lose any sleep over it. probably more inconvenient to any end user in terms of weather and if weatherflow was forced into a corner and did not agree to the terms then its the eu end user who ultimately loses out. its always the everyday working class man and woman that suffers and often stifles progress for the smaller companies.

anyway back to weather :grin: its a nice sunny day here in istanbul the wind surfers are out in force and ive seen a pod of dolphins this morning so warmer days on the horizon…have a good day eric…


I didn’t collect it. You gave me that data of your own free will. That’s a BIG difference.

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The easiest thing to do in this instance is to allow a person to submit a request to have their station(s) removed. This is normal process and anyone who offers such service should have a SOP to handle this. Eric’s resource link offers critical insight as to how important privacy is for the world.

Just because some don’t hold the same view does not make what has been presented less valid.

People throw around Sue Me like its a sticker . . . :persevere:

I can assure each and everyone one of you they need only do a Google search and see what has transpired to the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc. They all said Sue Me and they were and also lost big time. Those that believe they can take on the EU and win good luck and let us know how it all turns out. :rofl:

Nobody gave you anything you simply incorporated the Weather Flow API to obtain said data. How you translate that to giving it to you of Their own free will defies common sense and understanding. :thinking:

Gary means that when we use his new map information adding script, we do give it by free will.

And again my purpose is not sue me or not, thing is there are new laws and while you’re making new scripts, it is mostly not to hard to include the demands to comply. It is way harder when you have to recode to comply.

That’s the reason I brought it up again. Privacy is considered high in Europe compared to the US and the free trade talks have brought a very hefty reaction in the general public ( there is a petition of about 6M people against TAFTA and it is still being signed by more and more people all over Europe)

Once again a few have exploited data and spoiled the general good ideas as usual and now the EU is instating rules as to protect the users. You like it or not, it is law (and believe me most EU people agree with the general view, the recent FB scandal again proofed it … pity enough).

So again, see this as information and how to best comply, not as an attack whatsoever.

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I don’t do business with EU and I don’t market in EU. EU has no jurisdiction over anything I do that is legal in US.

I agree about privacy but I think governments overreach way too much.

Once again no one gave him anything he simply used the WF API to obtain it. Unless someone is pointed to his map the 1000 people who are already on the map (again did not say he could) he simply used what was available for use.

Free will would be told you have the option to do X. In this case there are 1000 stations which are presented on his map which do not know it exists or have been asked to do so.

That’s not free will that’s having someone do something on your behalf with out your consent or knowledge.

Big difference ~ Hope I explained myself better . . . :rofl:

your script (allowing adding station details I mean, not just the map) is available for EU users so it is bound to EU law, only solution, ban EU ip’s to be sure none of us can use it.

If some corporations didn’t abuse so much the big data, governments wouldn’t need to react … believe me they rather wouldn’t as they are, let’s say pretty lazy … if they did, it’s because public pressure is high :grin:

You and I have a different opinion about the meaning and jurisdiction of the law. I disagree with your interpretation and you disagree with mine.

I do find this all very interesting as we are seeing most governments overstepping their jurisdiction. A good example is China attempting to take over international water ways in Southeast Asia. Another is US telling companies operating in US that the US government has the right to request data from their servers in other countries.

Thanks, @eric. We are not waiting. We have an internal team working with our lawyers to determine what actions, if any, we need to take to comply with the new GDPR law. Fortunately, WeatherFlow has always maintained a customer-first policy when it comes to privacy and security, regardless of where in the world that user happens to live.

Although we likely will update our privacy policy before the GDPR kicks in, I don’t expect it to change much, if at all, in substance. I’m confident that we are protecting our users and that @pierre is correct about the real challenge: adequately (in the GDPR sense) informing our users of that policy (without making them read a long legal document) at the point where they create an account.


The data I pull from WeatherFlow does not identify any one person. It is not a violation of any US or EU law and it’s not covered under GDPR.

Up until the point where @eric added his personal information on the Map there was no way to identify a station by any personal information.

Eric voluntarily entered his personal information, I did not collect it but merely stored it. If one does not want to be identified on the Map they can simply not enter any information.

Here is a screen of the data one can enter. I don’t force any data other than a Station Name which can be anything you like.


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mais je suis propriétaire d’une station weatherflow et je ne VEUX pas être sur une carte qui ne m’appartient pas ! s’il vous plaît veuillez retirer totalement ma station (2117) de la carte en online mais aussi en priver je ne veux ni souhaite que l’on indique ma station sur carte ni celle ci ni une autre merci


but I own a weatherflow station and I do not want to be on a map that does not belong to me! please kindly remove my station (2117) from the map online but also in private I do not want or wish to notify my station on map nor this one nor another thank you

Le problème est surtout pourquoi n’importe qui grâce a votre api vous place sur une carte sans même vous demander votre avis ou votre consentement , quand vous prenez un compte wunderground vous faite vous même la démarche d’ouvrir compte wunderground , non pas wuderground qui vous oblige ! la grande différence est la je ne veux pas que n’importe qui fait n’importe quoi avec cette api surtout sans avoir l’autorisation des propriétaires des stations cela est non seulement de la politesse du savoir vivre et de la correction NON je ne souhaite pas que ma station soit indiquer sur des cartes dont je n’ai pas autoriser le droit
The problem is especially why anyone to your API places you on a map without even asking you for your opinion or your consent, when you take a wunderground account you make yourself the step to open account wunderground, not wuderground who oblige you! the big difference is I do not want anyone to do anything with this api especially without having the permission of the owners of the stations this is not only the politeness of the knowledge to live and the correction NO I do not wish not that my station be indicated on maps of which I did not authorize the right

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@meteo.thenioux your station is currently set to: Share Publicly = yes in our database. When you toggle the ‘Share Publicly’ switch in the app to Share Publicly = no (as you depict above) make sure to hit the ‘SAVE’ button below. Happy to help.


this is already so and save in addition that I do not understand why an unofficial map has my geographical data? why does it also have offline station data? I do not give any commercial or non-commercial agreement with them but with weatherflow! I think it’s outrageous that weatherflow lets anyone use this positioning and usage data and I hope the weatherflow company will have this unofficial map removed.
cela est deja ainsi et sauvegarder en plus cela je ne comprend pas pourquoi une carte non officiel a mes données geographique ? pourquoi elle a aussi des données geographique de station offline ? je n’ai pas donner d’accord commerçiale ou non commerçiale avec eux mais avec weatherflow ! je cocidere cela comme scandaleux que weatherflow laisse n importe qui utiliser ces données de positionnement et d utilisation et j espere que la societe weatherflow fera supprimer cette carte non officiel

David (WF staff) va te répondre en direct mais on vient encore de regarder le flux (confirmé par WF), ta station remonte bien en tant que publique … est-ce que tu as joué avec le oui/non ??? est-ce que le logiciel n’a pas pu remonter ta demande (as-tu bien utilisé “save” après l’avoir passé en mode privé ???)

En tout cas ils regardent niveau serveurs ce qui pourrait être la cause mais ce serait sympa que tu essaies d’aider au lieu de monter dans les tours … Comme tu sais on debug tout le temps et il ne faut pas être testeur pour aider.

Perso je viens de faire la manip avec ma deuxième station et dans le flux il est passé rapidement de publique en privé, par contre la map est en cache et pour l’instant se mets à jour une fois tout les 24 heures. Donc si tu changes, faudra attendre au pire 24h avant qu’elle n’apparaitra plus. Ceci dit si tu avait gentiment demandé à Gary de la faire disparaître, il aurait fait de suite la manip …, la il vient de faire la manip et ma station n°2 a disparu de suite de la map.

Mais encore une fois, pour une raison mystérieuse ta station remonte toujours en tant que publique. Moi aussi je viens de regarder et …

Il y a donc bien un soucis quelque part, reste à trouver le pourquoi et de le résoudre. Rien de bien méchant … ce qui marche pour moi le devrait pour toi aussi.

D’autre part il y a discussion pour d’aller encore un peu plus loin dans les options mais laisse nous d’abord regarder si c’est possible et a quelle échéance …

I hope our english friends won’t mind I don’t translate this, in short, tests confirmed that if set private etc etc … staff is looking into why his station shows still as public … and Gary is also looking into his map on how better include changes rapidly.

as they say, to be continued :wink: